these are the reoccuring characters



molen – authors alter-ego. the degree of real-life-similarity is left to the reader to speculate. well adjusted adult living in sweden. has boring desk-job. dreams of drawing comics in spare time. battles with dark thoughts and motivation issues. is ok.




partner – partner is molens life companion. may be based of a real living person. really tall. remains positive despite molens rainclouds – annoyingly so. makes molen laugh and thus has worth.



puppy – puppy is the voice molen hears in the head. puppy is very judgemental and never nice. not a friend. puppy is a part of molen, so molen cant get angry at puppy as that would be just what puppy wants. likes when molen hurts.



st mary – st mary is molens therapist. wants molen to think and feel for molenself. helps with keeping puppy in check. molen has internalized st mary as a voice in the head as well. for worse, as molens voice needs to be the primary one. at least thats what st mary says.



ndwm  – non descripit* white* man*. has a lot of opinions on non-whites and non-men. varies in age and nationality but is always* white and always* a man. nice guy. is actually the real victim always. hijacks the conversation to express his far more superior opinions. believes reals>feels.

* obligatory notallwhites *obligatory notallmen *not always always, but like, pretty often. like really high chance.